Precautions when using grinding wheels

Release time:2021-08-11

1.Before starting the machine tool, check whether the protective device of the machine tool and the reset switch of various actions are adjusted in place and firm.

2. The protective cover used should cover at least half of the diameter of the grinding wheel.

3. After the grinding wheel is installed on the main shaft of the grinding machine, it must be idling, and the idling time should not be less than 5 minutes. When idling, the operator should stand in a safe position, and it is strictly forbidden to stand directly in front of the grinding wheel or in the tangential direction.

4. When using: Use the outer surface of the grinding wheel as the working surface, and it is strictly forbidden to use the side for grinding to avoid the grinding wheel from breaking.

5. When grinding, it is forbidden to use the lever to push the workpiece to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

6. When grinding or dressing the grinding wheel, the amount of feed should be appropriate, and special dressing tools should be used to dress the grinding wheel. At the same time, protective equipment should be worn.

7. The coolant should be turned off before the grinding wheel stops rotating, and the grinding wheel continues to rotate until the grinding fluid is exhausted, so as not to affect the balance performance of the grinding wheel.

8. It is forbidden to use grinding fluid that is destructive to the abrasive bond. It is not allowed to use coolant in places where the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius.
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