Humanistic care of the company

Release time:2021-08-11

June is hot and hot. In June 2021, the company's senior management came to the production workshop to "send coolness" to the employees who are still fighting on the production line during the high temperature.

The senior management of the company sent iced mineral water and watermelon to the staff who stick to the production line, thanked everyone for sticking to their posts during the high temperature, and urged everyone to arrange their working hours reasonably and pay attention to the combination of work and rest while doing their jobs well. , To overcome the high temperature and scorching heat, always tighten the string of safety during the high temperature period, put safety production first, and do a solid job in various safety management tasks.

Since the beginning of summer, the weather has continued to be hot and the environment at the production site has been difficult, but it has not affected the enthusiasm of the production front-line employees at all. They braved the scorching heat and worked hard on the front line of production to do their best to ensure the production progress. The "Send Cool" activity is a concrete manifestation of Gaoxin Abrasives Co., Ltd.'s people-oriented and caring for employees. The grassroots front-line employees have not only received heatstroke prevention and cooling items, but also received care and concern from the organization and leaders. Everyone was deeply encouraged and expressed that they must keep in mind Mission, overcome high temperature, overcome difficulties, and devote myself to my job with more enthusiasm.