Customer Service

customer-oriented shared value

Service Support

We take the interests of customers as the foundation, take service as the core, create cost-effective products for customers, and provide perfect and meticulous services

  • Professional answer customer consultation

    For any consultation, quality feedback or technical questions, our technical team always gives professional replies within 24 hours.

  • Recommend suitable products

    According to customer’s drawings, grinding materials, parameters, to determine the customer’s use of products.

  • Tailor the solution

    According to customer feedback specific problems, tailored solutions.

  • Strict inspection on time delivery

    Products are tested in strict accordance with the testing standards, and delivered on time according to the product cycle. Customized packaging ensures that all goods are safe and without damage during transportation.

  • Technical exchange and training

    When customers encounter problems in the use process, they can communicate with our professional and technical team in time. If they need professional training, they can contact in time.

  • Follow up and visit regularly

    After product delivery, our professional sales team timely track and visit.


  • Wheel transportation and storage More

    Packed in the wooden case to avoid the collision and impact for long-distance transportation.
    Please carefully check the package in a good condition before removing the outer packing.
    The wheel should be stored in a dry place and room temperature is not lower than 5 ℃.
    The wheel should be placed separately according to the specifications with indication.
    Rolling the wheel in transportation is prohibited,But Handle with care.
  • Wheel InstallationMore

    Before installation,Please carefully check that whether the wheel has crack and damage or not.
    Before installation,Please check the safety speed.
    Before installation,Please tap the wheel with a mallet.If there is the hoarse voice,Please scrap the wheel.
    When installation,Please mount the flange to tight,The diameter of flange should not be less than one-third of the wheel diameter,The O.D of both flange and the width of seal face should be the same.
    The flange and wheel have to be surface contact.
    The contact surface between flange and wheel should be smooth.
    The flat gasket should be mounted between flange and wheel.
    Successively tighten the flange screws(Suggest using the torque wrench),Power should not be too big to break the wheel.
  • Safe Operation of GrindingMore

    Before using a new wheel,Please idle running the wheel for 5-minute.If The running is ok,firstly dressing flat the cylindrical and two end-face of grinding wheel,then unload the wheel together with flanges,Again do a static balance.
    Finish installation,Idling running test should not less than 2-minute,if without any abnormal noise,The wheel is ok.
    Before grinding,Please carefully check that the clamping is correct and the tighten is reliable,especially pay more attention to the stop position and tighten it.
    Please check that whether the processing redundancy exceed the processing requests or not,If it can not meet the requirements,The processing should be forbid.
    When the wheel is running,The operator should not be allowed to stand in the plane direction of wheel rotary.
    When grinding,Feed just can do in the normal operating state of the workpiece and wheel.(Feed should not be so fast)
    The machine just can stop after retraction.

Purchase Process

  • 1


    Start the inquiry by email, phone, etc

  • 2

    Product communication

    Provide drawings, grinding parameters, detailed quotes and professional advice

  • 3


    Produce samples according to drawing requirements

  • 4

    Confirm cooperation

    Send samples to customer and get sample approval

  • 5


    Start the inquiry by email, phone, etc

  • 6


    Arrange production for the goods

  • 7

    Delivery of goods

    The buyer inspects the signed goods

  • 8


    Final documents to arrange payment

  • 9


    Send goods by air, express, etc